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Moor Active

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    Arrive 5 minutes before session is due to start.

    Moor Active is situated on Moor Farm located just off the A3020 Shanklin Road which runs through Godshill village. If heading out of Godshill towards Shanklin, turn left onto the Moor Farm track (marked by a Moor Active flag) following it for approx 1/2 mile until you reach Moor Farm Holiday Cottages.

    Head past the holiday cottages on your left and free parking is available just past the barn on your right hand side (marked by a Moor Active flag). The Activity Meeting Point is situated in front of the large barn. Please remember to arrive 10 minutes before the time of your session.

    Please do not rely on the sat nav directions as it will take you to a housing estate in Godshill!

    Moor Active is easily accessible by bus with Routes 2 and 3 stopping directly at Moor Farm Lane. For up to date timetables and further information visit

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    Please see link below on further directions on how to find us

    ** this link is for Moor Farm cottages which is where Moor Active is based **

    Please note that we do not, at present, have WC or refreshment facilities on site. However there are public toilets and a wealth of tea shops, restaurants and pubs in Godshill village.

    Spectators are welcome – please dress warmly and appropriately for the weather and be prepared to want to book a go when you see how much fun it is!

  • FAQ's

    Q: My child is 11 but weighs under 7 stone, can they do Segways?

    A: If the rider is below the minimum rider weight, they may not be able to ride safely because they cannot shift their weight far enough back to safely slow down and stop (especially downhill). They also may not be able to activate the rider detect system, failing to properly interact with the Segway’s balancing system. Therefore, this makes the activity unsafe, not only for themselves but also other riders. For insurance purposes we must follow manufacturers recommendations therefore if there is a doubt that a rider meets the min/max weight restrictions we reserve the right to weigh them on arrival.

    Q: The maximum group number is 6 people and we have 7 in our party, can two of us share the session on one Segway?

    A: The first part of the Segway Trek is training, where instructors assess the ability of individuals before progressing onto more challenging terrain, therefore each rider needs to do the full training session, regardless of whether they have used a Segway somewhere else before. Therefore, sharing a Segway for any part of the session is not permitted. Larger groups have found it useful to split and half do archery and half Segways. This works well and keeps everyone happy 😊

  • Testimonals

    "Unexpectedly the Segway is so easy to use and control. After a quick and simple induction with Paula I was off and having amazing fun. I had a grin on my face the whole time. Thanks."


    "Initially I was daunted by the thought of riding a Segway but after a lesson with an instructor I felt more confident and enjoyed every minute! A unique, fun activity. I will definitely be back!!"